Denplan Denplan Excel

Fees & Offers

Price List

Dental Implants:

Initial implant consultation £65.00 (this will be deducted from the total cost if you go ahead with treatment)

CBT Scan from £140.00

Single implant retained crown from £2300.00

Precision Attachment: full lower denture (2 implants) from £4000.00

Precision Attachment: full upper denture (4 implants) from £6000.00

3 Tooth Bridge on 2 dental implants from £4200.00

Full arch of Bridges on implants from £14000.00

All on 4 Same Day Dental Implants Including Permanent Bridge  from £12000.00

Simple Bone Grafting from £350.00

Complex Bone Grafting Including Block Grafts from £1000.00

Sinus Lift Procedure from £500.00

Apicectomy Procedure from £350.00

Maintenance For Full Arch Implants Bridge:

Removal of Fixed Arch (Single) from £120.00

Removal of Fixed Arch (Dual) from £180.00

Clinical Inspection of Fixed Arch (Single) from £60.00

Clinical Inspection of Fixed Arch (Dual) from £100.00

Repair of Fixed Arch (Single) from £220.00

Repair of Fixed Arch (Dual) from £400.00


Routine dental – children under 12 years of age Free (for registered patients)

Routine dental examination over 12 from £36.75

Scaling & polishing from £25.00

Fillings (Deciduous teeth) from £30.00

Extractions from £30.00

Fissure sealing from £25.00

Sports guards Choice of designs from £80.00

Dental Treatment:

New Patient Consultation from £70.00

Routine Dental Examination from £55.00

Intra Oral X-Rays from £11.00

Panoral Scan (OPG) from £70.00

Hygienist Scale & Polish  from £49.50

Fillings from £80.00

Crowns/Veneer from £550.00

Bridges Per Unit from £520.00

Root Canal Treatment from £350.00

Extractions from £90.00

Wisdom Tooth Extractions from £200.00

Partial Acrylic Denture from £250.00

Full Arch Denture from £750.00 (Each)

Chrome Denture from £950.00

Emergency Appointment from £95.00

Teeth Whitening:

Enlighten Teeth Whitening from £499.00

Whitewash Teeth Whitening from £299.00