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Children’s Preventive Dental Care

Ensure your children maintain healthy teeth and gums right from the start

Caring for all the family is at the very heart of Spencer Road denatl Surgery ethos. We recommend introducing children from as young as two years-old to their dentist to ensure they are on the road to healthy teeth and gums right from the start, as well as getting them used to visiting the dentist. If the foundations are sound and encouraged to develop in the right way, then your children’s dental health is set for life.

Initially, visits are made to help the child get to know the dentist and feel safe and secure with us. Dr Arshad Mahmood carries out the preliminary dental examinations on your child and our hygienists will encourage them to better brushing techniques and why keeping their teeth clean and healthy is so important.

We recommend that twice yearly visits are ideal for this and will encourage healthy smiles your children can grow up to be proud of.

For fissure sealing or any problems identified in these visits, such as cavities, overcrowding or dental development will be dealt with by Dr Mahmood and his Team.

Special Sports Mouth Guards for children are also recommended and available through us and are an essential accessory for any child if potentially severe injuries are to be avoided.